Advantage and Disadvantages of having a pet in our home

Having a pet is a great responsibility and if you are thinking of getting one you need to have a thorough research to know if you can handle. Being a pet owner means you have to have love for the animals, and even so if you have children around the responsibility grows. Pets also require training, understanding and time too.

Pets are very interesting creatures, be it cats, dogs, parrots etc. Some people need pets at home because they desire companionship. Such people spend their leisure time playing with these animals thus having bond and also fun. For other people pets bring inconveniences in their daily lives like damaging furniture and tearing of clothes and shoes just to mention the few. Pets need proper nourishment; this makes them healthy so they can live together with us like a family.


Pets create stronger bonds within the family even more so if you have a kid chasing them around. They will seek your attention to play with them as they run around. Pets make family time more fun as most are active and playful. They will grab toys including balls and play with them as they seek attention or just want to have fun.

Studies have shown that children with irritable behaviors easily forget them with a pet around. The pet will act like a companion and unlike toys probably never bore the kid. You will be without worry knowing that the child is safe playing with your family pet as you conduct your activities. By studies pets are a good entertainment thus they will keep your child active.

Pets will help a child or someone be responsible. Pets will require you to be feeding and bathing regularly and this will increase responsibility. When children do this they develop responsibility while having fun. They will learn of the importance of taking good care of something of they love.

According to study pets helps in health growth. A child will learn to control their temper as it is a creature that is looking up to them. They will build their emotional health by learning to love the pet and forgiving when the pet has wronged. Pets run around and for their health also they need exercise which will help physical growth of the owner and even children.

Having a well-trained dog improves your security. This will chase away disturbing people and also burglars at home. Dogs are loyal and keep to their masters. No one can harass you if you are walking with your dog.Studies indicate that pets are great stress relievers. If you have had a stressful day, you can hug your pet and forget

what happened.


Although pets can be domesticated, they cannot behave like people. When they are hurt they tend to lose their temper. Take necessary precautions to ensure your kids are not bitten or scratched.

Maintaining pets can be costly. Owning a pet needs your time and love. There are essential things you need to buy for your pets like food bowls and other accessories e.g. leash and collars. Pets also need to be fed and nourished and you will need to incur a little cost to ensure they are nourished.

With several health benefits, there are drawbacks. For people with allergies they may cause harm to health. Before adopting a pet, visit a pediatrician to know if any family members are allergic to fur or any pet in general.

Dogs especially lose hair. It doesn’t matter if they have long or short hair. This hair falls spreads around our home. It is really time consuming and stressful to clean. The hair might stick on fur carpets and you will need the best vacuum for pet hair to clean properly.

No matter the pet you decide to adopt, you will have to clean up after them. You need to have a stomach for cleaning their poop. This may be sometimes very stressful to you as the owner.


The advantages of having a pet over weighs the disadvantage but you need to carefully look at the disadvantages. Other disadvantage not included is the size of the pet you want to bring. It all depends with your preference, you may prefer bigger pets to smaller or the vice versa. Ensure you groom your pets properly and ensure they are neat. In my honest opinion we should have pets in our homes they are an addition to happiness.

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