5 Fantastic Christmas Treats to Buy Your Dog

Christmas 2016 is fast approaching, and with it comes the spirit of giving. Then, and to ensure dog owners out there don’t forget their beloved pooches in all the merriment and festivities, here are just 5 fantastic treats that (Christmas or not) your dog is sure to benefit from and enjoy receiving.

  1. A Designer Bed, Quilt or Cushion

A new bed always makes a great idea for your pet as this means starting the New Year with a real fresh start for your pooch.

For those unable to stretch to the cost of a bed or whose dog sleeps in a wicker bed or crate that does not need replacing a new cushion or quilt with which to furnish their bed doesn’t just make a lovely gift for your dog; it can also provide scope to treat yourself, partner or home to some new and matching cushions for the sofa provided you shop via a home and pet furnishings and wares specialist such as Pet Luxury.

A top tip: in particular,  Pet Luxury’s VW Camper Van cushions, draft excluders and dog pet quilts make particularly fun and yet functional stocking fillers.

  1. A New Coat

For those looking for novelty clothing for their dog, sorry; the winter coats being suggested in this K9 Christmas list are of the more functional, and far less fashionable (or perhaps more accurately fashionably questionable) variety.

The fact is that even if you are horrified at the idea of your dog having its own wardrobe, smaller dogs, older dogs and those being walked in colder climates can all stand to benefit from wearing an additional layer of warmth, such as that provided by any one of the dog coats or suits sold via the Pet Planet website.

It is as well worth being aware that Pet Planet also sell a number of reflective dog coats which are a particularly sensible and savvy buy for those who walk their pooches in the evenings.

  1. A Dog Memory Book or Box

An albeit less functional or practical gift and one more for the family than your dog, a dog memory box or book is none the less a perfect gift to give a family who have recently brought home a new pooch.

Just like a baby album or keepsake box, a dog memory box or book is a place where you can store, write about, detail and place all those important memories and moments involving your dog as well as keep track of his or her mile stone moments and funny anecdotes.

Then, to view a range of gorgeous and handcrafted dog keepsake and memory boxes, head over to the Etsy website. Alternatively or in addition, the Dog Journals website is also a great place to turn for more information on as well as where to buy the perfect dog memory book via which you can keep track of your pup’s journey to becoming a full grown dog.

  1. Dog Tags and Collars

According to the law here in the UK every dog entering a public area must be fitted with both a collar and dog tag which states where it lives.

Therefore, a new dog collar or dog tag makes a really great gift idea for your pooch. For something extra special you can also opt to have a new collar made especially for your dog and fitted with a personalised tag by shopping via the Not on the High Street website.

Meanwhile, for those whose dog does not need a new collar, there are also a number of dog tag makers selling via Not on the High Street who create some really stunning personalised and unique tags. One of whom being the We Love to Create Company, who also offer free delivery and sell their stunning dog tags for under a tenner.

Hence, this is a great K9 stocking filler or option for those who cannot afford to be spending a fortune on their pooch this Christmas.

  1. Dog Treats

Last but not least, no Christmas would be complete without getting your dog some literal and that means edible dog treats.

Then, for great place to turn where you can shop online as well as in store (which is always the most fun when shopping with the family) turn to UK pet store giants Pets at Home.

For those wanting to get more hands on and create their own dog treats though or perhaps get the kids involved in doing so as a Christmas holiday activity, the Cesar’s Way website features a wealth of fun and free recipes that mean you dog can enjoy feasting this Christmas without the kids trying to sneak him or her all those foods (such as chocolate) that are dangerous to give to dogs.

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